Download additional software from MECO2020 article Development of Edge Runtime Learning Artificial Nose for Drink Classification The files include
  • Matlab Simulation Sourcecodes
    • Microcontroller KNN-Implementation Simulation (path:MatlabSimulation/KNNOctopus.m)
    • Testfunction for classification accuracy (path:MatlabSimulation/testKnn2.m)
    • Plotfunction for results (path:MatlabSimulation/plotResult.m)
    • Raw data (path:MatlabSimulation/all_samples)
    • Result data based on initial junk data (path:MatlabSimulation/junktest)
    • Result data based on initial real data (path:MatlabSimulation/datatest)
  • Microcontroller Sourcecodes
    • Classifier header (path:Microcontroller/Classifier.h)
    • Linked List header (path:Microcontroller/LinkedList.h)
    • NeoPixels header (path:MatlabSimulation/NeoPixels.h)
    • Main program (path:Microcontroller/online-learner.ino)
    • WlanGraphics header (path:Microcontroller/WlanGraphics)
  • Documentation & Education
    • Documentation (path:Anleitung.pdf)
    • Additional software for educational purposes (path:OnlineLearningENosePlotter.exe)